Best Coffee Maker Under 100 2023 – 10 Top Picks & Reviews

A nice cup of coffee is the core of a pleasant morning. It is not feasible to go out and get coffee during the lock-down; instead, you must brew your coffee at home. It can be challenging to find the Best Coffee Maker Under 100 2023 that meets your requirements. Whenever it comes to Best Coffee Maker Under $100, there are many choices to select from, which may be expensive.

best coffee maker under 100

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a good coffee machine for your home. When purchasing an appliance that you will use daily, it is advisable to spend the time and money necessary to select the ideal one for your preferences. That is why we have compiled a list of the finest coffee makers for under $100.

Best Coffee Maker Under 100 2023

No.Coffee MakerRatingPrice
1Keurig K-Slim⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
2Ninja CE251⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
3Cuisinart DCC-1200⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
4BUNN GRB Velocity⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
5Hamilton Beach ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
7Hamilton Beach⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
8Mr. Coffee Brew⭐⭐⭐⭐
9Mueller Single Serve⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
10KitchenAid KCM1208DG⭐⭐⭐⭐

Best Coffee Maker Under 100 2023 Reviews:

You must be considering which is the best coffee maker under 100 2023? Many of these coffee makers share most of the same characteristics to come to a few essential qualities in the end.

Choose between glass or a thermal carafe to narrow down your options. After that, consider the style and which would work best in your kitchen.

1 – Keurig K-Slim Coffee Maker – Best Coffee Maker Under 80$

Best coffee maker under 80$

What’s your favorite way to drink coffee? Keurig is a terrific partner to start your day with a cup of freshly brewed coffee, either you prefer a moderate or bold flavor. With the Keurig K-Slim coffee maker, you can brew over 75 different pod brands. For hassle-free mornings, the single-serve coffee maker delivers exceptional taste and efficiency.

Keurig is well-known for its streamlined appearance, which fits into any kitchen layout. The K-Slim coffee maker is no exception, as it features a sleek build and straightforward design that makes it easy to use. You may now experience the top coffee brands from the comfort of your own home!


The coffee maker is suitable for small spaces, measuring 12.14 inches high by 4.76 inches wide by 15.2 inches deep and weighs 9.13 pounds. It won’t take up much room on your kitchen counters or table. It comes with multiple cup water reservoirs that can brew up to 4 cups of 8oz coffee.

There is no particular milk frother, so you won’t be able to polish your latte art. The K-Slim does not include an iced option, unlike many of the more expensive Keurig coffee makers.

The appliance can hold up to 7-inch travel cups courtesy of the retractable drip tray. Last but not least, the K-Slim conserves energy. It has an auto-off option that turns the coffee maker off 5 minutes after the last brew. This invention saves electricity, mainly if you frequently forget to switch off the machine manually.

  • Multiple cup reservoir.
  • Energy saver.
  • Auto shutoff technology.
  • Easy to use.
  • K-cup flexible.
  • Short cord.
  • No strength control.

2 – Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer – Best Low Price Coffee Maker

Ninja CE251 Programmable Brewer

The CE251 is an outstanding 12-cup programmable coffee maker with a glass carafe. Despite its advanced technology for producing wonderful coffee, the CE251 coffee maker is very reasonable. We enjoyed the coffee prepared by the machine. Making a strong contender of the best coffee maker under 100 2023.

The Thermal Flavor Extraction Technique enables more decadent, bolder, and more delicate coffee flavors to emerge. Furthermore, the layout as a whole makes perfect sense. The machine is simple to use. With a classic coffee machine, you may enjoy high-quality beverages—a well-known and robust brand. Excellent value!


The design of the Ninja CE251 is one of its outstanding qualities. Even though it is a 12-cup coffee maker, it has compact features which will save you kitchen space. The control panel is small, but it has everything you need. All of the settings, as well as the display digital timer, are easy to read.

With a single push of a button, you can start the cleaning procedure. It may fit into a small place due to its small footprint. Because the machine is primarily built of plastic, it will not be cumbersome. It also means you can move it around quickly if you use it regularly in different locations.

Ninja has made it incredibly simple to program this machine to meet your specific demands. Generally, the machine has an exceptional cost ratio and comes at a shallow $$ price point. Ninja demonstrates that cost-effectiveness and excellence may coexist.

  • Excellent design.
  • Comes with strength control.
  • Able to brew smaller batches of coffee as well.
  • Large 60-ounce carafe.
  • 24-hour programmable delay.
  • No frother.
  • They are made of plastic which might be less durable.

3 – Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central – Best User-Friendly Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

I enjoy discovering appliances that surprise me with how consumer-friendly they are. You’ll find many subtle things with the Cuisinart DCC-1200 that make getting your regular cup of coffee easier. However, there are several flaws in the design and overall dependability.

The Cuisinart DCC-1200 drip coffee maker is among the most popular and well-reviewed drip coffee makers on the market. It is neither too pricey nor too inexpensive. It’s strong enough, comes with a three-year guarantee, and if you’re not picky about your coffee’s flavor, it’ll satisfy you with a better-than-average brew.


The Cuisinart DCC-1200 Brew Central 12-Cup Programmable Coffee Maker in Stainless Steel is a 12-cup coffee maker that may be programmed up to 24 hours ahead of time. This coffee machine is simple to set up and operate. The coffee’s flavor is improved by using a charcoal water filter. Brew pause and a paperless gold-tone filter are also included.

After brewing, the coffee is kept hot by adjustable temperature control. It has a self-cleaning cycle that makes cleaning a breeze, and it automatically shuts off after brewing coffee. Cuisinart DCC-1200 has a trendy and classic design that customers like.

The unit is made up of both plastic and metal components. Metal is, of course, more durable than plastic, but since you won’t be moving the machine much, these parts are unlikely to be harmed. This Cuisinart carafe, unlike many other glass carafes, can be washed in the dishwasher.

  • Accessible to program and use.
  • Hot plate keeps coffee hot.
  • Stylish and trendy look.
  • Gold plated filter.
  • Non-drip feature.
  • The carafe is not easy to clean.
  • The water reservoir is small.

4 – BUNN GRB Velocity Brew 10-Cup – Best Heavy-Duty Coffee Maker

best inexpensive coffee maker

The BUNN GRB Velocity Brew manufacturers concentrated on providing you with a quick solution in volume, allowing you to create up to 10 cups of coffee at once. It’s important to note that this isn’t a fancy machine with a lot of options. But it does a good job at what it does. It’s the quick, straightforward response I was searching for.

The BUNN GRB Velocity Brew can brew up to ten cups of coffee at once and can prepare a large pot of coffee in under three minutes. This could be the model for you if you’re searching for a mid-range machine from a reputable company.


You no longer have to worry about spilling coffee because the spout directs it into your cup rather than dripping down the side of the carafe. The dribbles that do happen are redirected back to the carafe, never making it to your kitchen surface.

Because 10 cups of coffee is a large amount, this is a valuable machine for both the home and the office. You have complete control over how much coffee is brewed. Choose any number of cups between four and ten. Before you may use BUNN, you must go through a particular setup procedure. This guarantees that the internal water tank is full of water to push additional water through the brewing basket.

Bunn’s model utilizes 900 watts of power, making it a little hefty in terms of workload. The GRB model differs from the NHS approach in that it is more suited to severe workloads. As a result, it is beneficial in places with a large number of people.

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  • Comparatively fast brew.
  • High brewing temperature.
  • 3-year warranty.
  • Drip-free carafe.
  • Spray head technology.
  • Not programmable.
  • A bit on the pricy side.

5 – Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew – Best K-cup Compatible Coffee Maker

best low price coffee maker

The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker is a unique – and bold – two-in-one coffee maker that tries to merge the two most popular types of coffee makers into a single, cheap machine. The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew’s main feature is brewing both filtered drip coffee and single-serve coffee from K-Cups.

If you appreciate diversity in your coffee, this gives up a whole new world of possibilities. When brewing for you, it works as a single-cup machine, but it can also make up to 12 cups of coffee via the filter if you’re brewing for a group.


The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew 2-way coffee maker can create single-serve coffee as well as a sizeable 12-cup batch. Brews up to 10 oz. of coffee. Fourteen ounces with ground coffee or an ice-cold K-Cup pod Even if you’re not using filtered coffee grounds on the carafe side of the machine, Melitta little paper filters are suitable.

Hamilton Beach 49976 FlexBrew 2-Way Thermal Single-Serve Coffee Maker with Detachable Reservoir includes two easy-fill water reservoirs and water windows on each brewing side. There’s also a pod holder and a single-serve brew basket.

Cleaning is simple. The pod-piercing assembly tool can be easily removed for cleaning to avoid blockage, which can occur with regular use. Brewstation Summit Ultra 12 cup coffee machine comes in java, espresso, latte, tequila tastes, and iced coffee.

Best Portable Coffee Maker 2023

  • 2 built-in water reservoirs that are simple to fill.
  • warm cycle with auto shutoff that lasts 2 hours.
  • The view window displays the amount of water in the reservoir.
  • Makes excellent coffee.
  • Easy programmable.
  • Costlier than other products.
  • Takes its sweet time in brewing.

6 – BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup – Best Budget Coffee Maker

best economical coffee maker

Those who live or work in diverse settings should consider the Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker. It appeals to a wide range of coffee drinkers due to its customized possibilities. It’s also reasonably priced, so it’ll fit into most people’s budgets.

The small and inexpensive equipment offers various brew options from which you can select based on your personal preferences. It can create both light and robust coffee, according to your preferences. Users appreciate being able to receive their coffee at just the correct temperature and with just the right flavor.


The Black+Decker 12-Cup Thermal Coffeemaker has a vacuum-sealed, double-walled thermal carafe that retains your coffee hot and fresh for hours. It also includes four distinct brewing choices, allowing you to choose the strength of your coffee’s flavor.

The Black & Decker cm2035b thermal coffee maker boasts an equal stream showerhead that discharges water uniformly to decrease waste and maximize flavor for individuals who value efficiency and superb coffee.

The Black & Decker Cm2035B Thermal Coffeemaker Black Silver is a breeze to clean and use. Its dripless nozzle helps keep tidy, so it’s a fantastic choice for individuals who prefer no-mess coffee with consistent flavor.

Best Coffee Maker Under 50 

  • Wide mouth carafe.
  • Brew basket and some accessories are dishwasher safe.
  • No-spill while pouring.
  • Customizable brewing option.
  • Produces rich and dark coffee.
  • Coffee pot often leaks.
  • It sometimes stops brewing during continuous brewing.

7 – Hamilton Beach Programmable – Best Coffee Maker Under 100 2023

Hamilton Beach Programmable Coffee Maker

This coffee machine is a product that is well worth the money. Its elegant, user-friendly design eliminates the hassle of making coffee in the morning when you’re only barely awake. Furthermore, the Hamilton Beach 46310 coffee maker is programmable, allowing you to plan ahead of time for the strength and timing of your favorite cup.

This machine may appear small, but don’t be fooled: it can prepare up to 12 cups of incredible, precisely crafted coffee! Of course, you can configure the machine to make as many cups as you like, whether you’re sharing or just need a few more terrific caffeine hits in a row. It can be called the best coffee maker under 100 2023.


The Hamilton Beach Programmable Easy Access coffee machine takes up less room while producing up to 12 cups. Its front water reservoir and swing-open brew basket are positioned under the cabinet for convenient access, making it easier to add water and coffee grinds.

Auto pause & pour allow you to quickly serve the first cup while the coffee is still brewing, and automatic shredding gives you peace of mind. Hamilton Beach uses customer ideas, in-depth research, and thorough analysis to give the best solution to your basic coffee needs.

To avoid a burned taste, the heater softly keeps your coffee warm. This function ensures that the coffee tastes fresh at all times. Set the Hamilton Beach coffee maker’s Easy-Touch programming up to 24 hours ahead of time so hot coffee is prepared when you wake up every morning.

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  • Front access makes filling easy.
  • Swig out brew basket.
  • Programmable clock.
  • Automatic pause and serve.
  • Good temperature control.
  • It doesn’t have a permanent filter.
  • You need to hold the coffee maker when pouring.

8 – Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker – Best Economical Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee Simple Brew Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee is a well-known brand, so there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of their various coffee machines. Mr. Coffee’s answer to basic and (sometimes urgent) coffee demands is this best inexpensive coffee maker.

Even if you only have minimal requirements for your coffee maker, drip machines must be dependable first and overall. Like the prior alternative, what’s great about this coffee maker line is that it has many loyal and repeat consumers. When you read the reviews, you’ll notice that many people believe it’s the best at its level.


The presence of an on/off indicator light helps determine whether or not the device is operational. The power-on indicator will prompt you to turn off the machine to save energy. If you desire a cup of coffee before the brewing procedure is finished, the Grab-A-Cup auto-pause stops the brewing process.

A dual water window provides a more clear sight about how much water is now being filled when you refill the water tank, as well as preventing water from spilling out of the appliance on the counters.

This coffee maker is simple in appearance and includes a clock that enables you to schedule a brewing time up to 24 hours in advance, ensuring that you always have a cup of coffee the very next day, precisely whenever you want it. The dishwasher-safe glass carafe rests on a heating plate and is simple to clean and stain-resistant, so you won’t have to clean it as frequently.

Also Available Best Dual Coffee Maker 2023

  • Budget-friendly.
  • Space-saving and straightforward design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Stain-resistant hot plate.
  • Programmable.
  • Availability of colors is an issue.
  • Glass carafe.

9 – Mueller Single Serve Pod Compatible – Best Affordable Coffee Maker

Mueller Single Serve Pod Compatible Coffee Maker

The Mueller coffee maker is the best less than 100, that works well in tight areas. It makes excellent brewed coffee and is quite simple to operate. All single-coffee cups are compatible with this machine. Additionally, it is cleverly engineered to function with both 1.2 and 2.0 capsules, letting you make your favorite brew at home.


The Mueller coffee maker is the best less than 100, that works well in tight areas. It makes excellent brewed coffee and is quite simple to operate.

All single-coffee cups are compatible with this machine. Additionally, it is cleverly engineered to function with both 1.2 and 2.0 capsules, letting you make your favorite brew at home. It also boasts Rapid Brew technology, which means you won’t have to wait long for a hot cup of coffee.

The 48-ounce detachable water tank is also removable for easy refill and cleaning. It can hold both 1.0 and 2.0 pods, and they don’t have to be Mueller-branded.

  • Reliable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sleek design.
  • Automatic shut-off feature.
  • Adequate reservoir.
  • Poor usual manual.
  • Do not maintain pressure.

10 – KitchenAid KCM1208DG Spiral Showerhead – Best Stylish Coffee Maker

KitchenAid KCM1208DG Spiral Showerhead 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker

Every time, make delicious drip coffee. This 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker with Spiral Showerhead ensures consistently tasty coffee. It thoroughly infuses coffee grounds for excellent extracting, resulting in a cup of coffee with exceptional flavor.

This coffee maker also includes an Adjustable Brew Strength Selector that allows you to pick between a standard and bold brew strengths, 24-hour programmability, and a removable drip tray. The coffee maker’s body is small and easy to store. Every cup will have the same flavor.


Brew great coffee every time with the KitchenAid KCM1208DG Spiral Showerhead 12 Cup Drip Coffee Maker, Matte Charcoal Grey. It uniformly infuses coffee grounds for excellent extraction, resulting in a cup of coffee with exceptional flavor.

Also included is a Variable Brew Strength Selector, which allows you to pick between a standard and strong brew intensities, as well as 24-hour programmability, allowing you to have your coffee prepared at any hour of day or night.

  • Unique shower head design.
  • High-quality plastic is used.
  • 2 brew buttons.
  • Warming plate.
  • BPA free.
  • The carafe is not shatterproof.
  • The top rim is of plastic.

Buyers Guide – Best Coffee Maker Under 100 2023 

Simply looking for the finest coffee makers will not lead you to the most incredible machine! When purchasing a coffee maker, you must conduct extensive research, which can be a time-consuming process. When you search for the best coffee maker under 100 2023, you will get hundreds of alternatives from various manufacturers. So, how do you pick the best?

We also provide suggestions on what things to look for when making these sorts of purchases.

Number of Cups it Makes

To make wise a decision, think about how many cups the coffee machine can produce. If you have a large family and everyone enjoys drinking hot coffee, invest in a large capacity coffee maker, such as a 12 or 14 cup machine.


Search for coffee makers with simple controls since everyone prefers an easy-to-use appliance. Despite the lack of an automatic grinder to grind your coffee beans, all of the coffee makers we’ve examined are simple to use, and we’d suggest them all in that sense.

Programmable or Not

Coffee makers with custom programming enable you to brew coffee simultaneously while also experimenting with new extraction methods. As a result, you can set a timer, and the appliance will make your coffee exactly when or how you want it Having a programmed coffee machine is a great tip you need to have in your life if you’re all about life hacks.

Easy to Clean

Due to blocking concerns, coffee makers must be cleaned regularly, precisely when ground coffee is hidden in all corners and crevices. Always choose a machine that is simple to maintain, mainly if it includes a filtration system. Self-cleaning coffee makers, such as the Cuisinart Classic, are available. Also, see if the coffee maker is dishwasher safe; most coffee makers aren’t.

 Frequently Asked Question ( FAQs )

What is the best inexpensive coffee maker?

Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Kitchen aid, and black and decker are some of the best inexpensive coffee makers.

What is the best coffee maker to buy for home use?

Cuisinart, Bonavita, Nespresso, and kitchen aid are the best coffee maker to buy for home or domestic use.

Are expensive coffee makers worth it?

A high-priced coffee maker is well worth the money… A giant brew head evenly distributes the ground coffee. This results in greater extraction and, as a result, richer flavor.

What coffee maker does Starbucks use?

Mastrena is a machine used by Starbucks. It’s a Starbucks-exclusive brand created by Thermoplan AG in Switzerland. Starbucks makes espresso using highly automated machines with built-in grinders and a computerized menu to make the process quick as possible.

Which coffee maker lasts the longest?

Cuisinart makes some of the most durable coffee makers available. Learn how to extend the life of your Cuisinart beyond the 3-year guarantee period. Cuisinart goods have earned my trust and love over the years.

Final Verdict – Best Coffee Maker Under 100 2023 

After trying and testing all of the above best economical coffee makers. We liked Hamilton Beach 46310 and count it as the best coffee maker under 100 2023. This sleek and easy-to-use gadget is well worth the buy because of its ultra-sophisticated, modern style!

It’s not just a superb coffee maker, but it’s also tiny, resilient, and easy to use no matter where you put it! Purchasing the Hamilton Beach 46310 coffee machine could be one of the best coffee-related investments you ever make.

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