How To Make French Press Coffee? Step to Step Guide to the Best Brew

Do you start your day with a question in your mind, How to Make French Press Coffee? There are a lot of different ways to make a cup of coffee. But, at the start of the day, we want a nice, tasty cup of coffee without much effort, to get us through the day.

This is a simple joy. One of the simplest and less costly methods to make outstanding coffee is with a French press. The method is a very efficient method of brewing coffee since it is simple to use and very accurate.

How To Make French Press Coffee

One of the most basic coffee-making techniques is the French press. It’s also great for extracting oils from coffee beans and retaining their smells and fragrances.

Whether you’re a seasoned user or making a move from a drip coffee machine, here are a few pointers to help you get the most out of this brewing method.

History of French Press Coffee

For almost a century, French presses have been a reliable source of outstanding coffee. Despite being invented in 1929 by an Italian firm, the concept goes back to the earlier 1800s in France.

As a result, its timeless and very well forms haven’t altered much since it was first introduced in 1929. and it’s ideal for brewing many cups of strong coffee in under 4 minutes.

How is this Coffee Different?

I know you are here to solve the puzzle, How to make french press coffee. But before I start talking about it, let me tell you why I and you, both love french press coffee.

The french press is a manual brewing process, meaning you’re not relying on an electrical appliance to perform all of the work for you. Instead, you are in charge of measuring your materials, grinding the coffee, pour in the water, timing the brew, and pressing the pump.

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As a result, it is more hands-on than making coffee in a conventional pot.

It takes roughly 2 minutes to grind coffee and heat water. Brewing takes about 4 minutes. It’s a calming, relaxing process that lasts 6 minutes in total.

Immerse brew, which involves steeping coffee grounds in hot water for many minutes, is used in best pressed French coffee. As a result, the final flavor is deeper and more complex than what can be attained by many conventional coffee makers.

But wait!

The perks don’t end here,

French presses are economical, portable, and chic. They’re a good buy for all coffee drinkers, from professionals to beginners, even those who already have a brewing machine. It is commonly asked that how to brew french press coffee? The procedure is straightforward. Also available best portable machine 2023.

Continue reading.

What Makes Perfect French Press Coffee?

French press coffee is simple to make and only takes one additional piece of coffee equipment: a coffee blender. However, there are two primary reasons why owning your own grinder is necessary for making great coffee in your french press.

After being roasted, whole coffee beans are just good for around 2-3 weeks. This is because the coffee has only 20-30 minutes after it has been ground.

That’s why you should always grind your coffee right before you prepare it. This preserves the most delicate and complex flavors, making your everyday drink an unforgettable experience.

Pre-ground coffee is ground for drip coffee makers and not for french presses. That is the reason they are old and stale. Also, small grounds become jammed in the metal mesh filter, and they occasionally slip straight down.

This causes a lot of residue in your mug and makes pressing down the plunger hard.

How to Make French Press Coffee? – Good Coffee Maker

As I have mentioned earlier that the only equipment you require to help you get the best results in your cuppa coffee is a good coffeemaker. The best options that I have tried myself and have given amazing results are Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker and Cuisinart Carafe, Coffee Maker.

But you are missing one important point. I told you that to maximize your taste you definitely need a coffee bean grinder. Then why not go for a coffeemaker that grinds also.

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My tried and tested coffeemaker with grinder is Delonghi La Specialista. Trust me, the product is true to its name. This machine has become my best coffee mate and has never disappointed me in delivering a special cup of coffee to enrich my mornings and nights.

How to make French Press Coffee?

A reasonable french press coffee ratio is 1:15 coffee-to-water, regardless of the size of your best coffee maker. As a result, for every 1 g of coffee, add 15 g of water, which equals 3 tablespoons of coffee per 1 cup of water.

It will take only  3 to 4 minutes long to brew french press if you want, but you’d have to grind much finer to achieve a nice flavor. But if you want to get the most out of your french press coffee maker. Try 4–6 minutes with the coarser ground to see if you can get it right.

How To Make French Press Coffee?

The best way to make a coffee french press is by using the perfect water temperature. And the required french press time.

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Making coffee with a french press is the simplest, and you could divide it into easy steps,

1 – Warming up the french press

If you want to have a super hot french press coffee, then the best tip is to rinse it with steaming hot water. Rinsing with steaming hot water will maintain the temperature during the process of steep french press.

2 – Measure the amount of coffee and add it to French press

Measure the number of coffee grinds that are freshly ground for the optimum taste. The ratio for the perfect french press coffee maker is 1:15. Add the coffee grounds to the french press.

3 – Adding hot water

Add hot water. As soon as you pour in hot water, start your timer instantly. Then, fill it midway with water, soaking all of the grounds and ensuring that no dry areas remain.

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 4. Stir and add more water

After a minute, stir the press with a wooden spatula to mix it coarsely. After mixing, add more water. Put the top of the press, let it brew, and press it until it is brewed for 4 to 6 minutes.

  5 – Press, serve and enjoy

After 4 minutes for a light coffee and 6 press after 6 minutes for a denser flavor. Now immediately transfer the coffee into a carafe; otherwise, the coffee will become bitter.

Next, get your coffee in your mug and enjoy it by sitting on the most comfortable couch in your house. Or enjoy it while sitting on your office chair with your laptop in front of you.

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We are big coffee drinkers; that would seem like no surprise. In the mornings, hardly anything is better than a nice, strong cup of coffee. The coffee from a French press is dark and thick, yet it has its own charm.

Try pouring the coffee as soon as possible after brewing to ensure that it does not get bitter or powdery. Then take a soothing sip of this luscious, rich cup.

The brewing time is only four minutes which means you don’t have to wait a long time for a cup of coffee. It also cuts down the cost of huge dual coffee makers and saves your counter space.

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