How To Make Coffee With Whole Beans? Simple Ways to A Satiating Cup

I’m going to confess. I don’t start my day unless I’ve got my first mug of coffee. Until then, I’m a ghost trying to get the first sip. Caffeine helps me start my day. But it’s not just the coffee. It’s a morning routine, a habit, that provides me direction for the day. It is exhausting to think about making your coffee without a grinder. But do you know you can Make Coffee With Whole Beans as well?

Read on for the details we have prepared just for you.

how to make Coffee With Whole Beans

You’ve just grabbed a fresh bag of whole bean coffee and absolutely can not wait to get your hands on a mug of the world’s best-Brewed coffee.

However, you get a double when you realize your coffee grinder is broken — or, even worse, you realize you don’t possess one at all. So what should a coffee or espresso junkie do?

Fortunately, coffee may still be made without the use of a coffee machine. And besides, without electricity, people drank coffee. So making delicious coffee without a coffee maker is surprisingly rather simple.

How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder

Grinders, in reality, do nothing to enhance the flavor of coffee; they crush roasted beans into small bits so they brew faster. The best grinders are simply those that cause the least damage to the flavor of the coffee throughout the grinding process.

Certainly, you can grind coffee beans without the use of a grinder. However, if you don’t want to ground them by hand, you can use a blender or food processor.

How to Grind Coffee Beans Without a Grinder

Instead, use a hammer, pestle, and mortar, hand mincer, or roller pin to ground beans manually. You can adjust the grind as coarse or fine as you desire with these options.

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You might ask can you grind coffee in a ninja?

Yes, you certainly can! Adjust the grind by pumping it for a few seconds and seeing how it feels. If you prefer it coarse, blend it for less time; if you prefer it finer, pulse it a couple more times, keeping it pressed for about twenty seconds each time.

Freshly Roasted Coffee and Its Importance

You’ll always need freshly roasted coffee beans, especially if you don’t have a coffee maker. This is because the strength of the coffee used to brew a cup of coffee is mostly affected by the freshness of the beans consumed, and nothing beats freshly roasted beans.

whole coffee beans

A cup of coffee’s flavor is made up of around 80% aromatics, which fade as roasted coffee matures. Therefore, coffee that has been sitting for a long period after roasting will develop a stale flavor. To put it another way, the freshest coffee makes the greatest coffee.

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Choose coffee that has been freshly roasted in the last two weeks for a deliciously aromatic cup of joe. If you’re going on a trip or the highway, bring your whole bean coffee with you – it won’t take up much room!

Can you make Coffee without the Coffee Maker?

You can make a fantastic, wonderful cup of coffee in under an hour by brewing it with whole beans. Surprised? Read on!

It is technically possible to brew coffee even without grinding the beans. The brewing procedure takes a long time because the surface area of a whole bean is significantly lower than that of ground coffee.

Many coffee experts believe that we can cold brew whole coffee beans.

coffee without coffee maker

As well as some adventurous coffee lovers have developed a formula for brewing whole bean coffee in under an hour. There are many times when brewing whole coffee beans rather than grinding them without a coffee machine can be incredibly beneficial.

If you live in a dormitory or hostel and your wallet prevents you from purchasing a grinder. If instant coffee isn’t satisfying your demands, think about making coffee from whole beans.

Brewing whole coffee beans decrease the occurrence of oxygen depletion and deterioration that occurs after they are ground.  You can avoid deterioration entirely by using whole beans.

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How to make coffee with whole coffee beans on the stove

Ingredients and Equipment you will require are:

  • Hot boiling water.
  • Saucepan.
  • 1-pint mason jar.
  • Whole beans of coffee.
  • Mug.
  • Spoon.
  • Strainer.


First step

Following the tick marks on the outside of the jar, fill the mason jar with whole coffee beans until it reaches the 3 oz level.

Second step

Add 1 cup of boiling water.  If you’re using check marks on the side, fill the cup halfway with water, keeping in mind that the coffee beans will float somewhat just above level.

Third step

Set the mason jar into the saucepan, then add enough boiling water to fill the pan to the jar’s water level. Put the saucepan on the burner and cook for one hour on low heat. Begin with 50 percent flame on the burner and adjust as needed.

Fourth step

With tongs or cloth, gently remove the jar from the water, then pour the mixture of the brewed coffee into a mug, letting the wasted and now considerably dark beans inside the pan.

Fifth step

Enjoy a different and wonderful cup of joe with your friends.

Don’t stress if you don’t have access to a coffee maker with thermal carafe the next time you get up. This doesn’t have to be a terrible start to the day. People have been making delicious coffee for generations, long before drip coffee makers were popular, and it’s simple to do. Follow the steps above to experience a pleasant, coffee-filled morning.

french press whole beans

What happens if you boil coffee beans?

Boiling the coffee beans can destroy the coffee’s delicate flavor components, which give it variety and richness. Boiling coffee causes over-extraction, resulting in bitter components overwhelming whatever other taste the coffee beans may have.

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I know that practices are difficult to break, and we have been accustomed to grinding coffee beans before preparing them for decades. Experimenting and trying new approaches, on the other hand, makes things simpler.

However, I might not even have time to prepare coffee with whole beans without grinding them on the workday. Because I’m in a hurry and need a speedy morning coffee. But I’d love to enjoy my natural brew without grinding on Sundays!

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